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Performance Fuel Injectors!!!

re you running E85, E95, C85, C16, Q16, M1, M5 or any other race fuel???

Do you know you should have your injectors cleaned and flowed every 4 months if its a race car and every 6 months if its a street car???

Paradise Racing can Ultrasonic Clean and Flow your injectors for only;

$60.00 4 cylinder
$90.00 6 cylinder
$120.00 8 cylinder

Having Injector Problems with your daily driver???

Why buy new injectors when in most cases we can rebuild them, clean them and flow them to like new status for a fraction....thats right a fraction of your cost???

We can clean your injectors and increase your miles per gallon increasing your cars effeciency!!!

Our state of the art ASNU 4V flow bench will allow us to diagnose your injectors in an instant!!!

We can flow test ALL Stock Style Injectors as well as all Performance Injectors like Bosch, Siemens Deka, Precision Turbo, RC, Fuel Injector Clinic, Injector Dynamics, Rochester, MSD and many many more!!!!

Sorry, no diesel injectors!!!

We can remove them and re-install them on to your car for you!!!

We also sell all of the above mentioned injectors!!!

The economy is hard enough as it is!!! Let us help you save some money!!!

Why clean my injectors?

- If you have noticed a significant drop in fuel mileage
- If you have noticed a significant drop in horse power
- If your vehicle has 60,000 miles or more
- If you use regular unleaded fuel
- If you run your gas tank to empty frequently
- If you have mechanical problems that ordinary tune ups will not fix (see below)

What are the symptoms of injectors that requires service?
Dirty or partially clogged injectors can show up in many ways and may include:

- "check engine" light or cylinder misfire code
- Poor idle
- Light throttle surging or bucking
- Denotation (knocking or pinging), causing possible engine damage
- Low speed hesitation and surging issues
- Emission problems
- Loss of performance
- Increased fuel consumption

Leaky injectors can cause:

- Hard starting, especially when hot
- Poor idle
- Emission problems
- Increased fuel consumption
- Exhaust odor

External Injector leak:

- Are a fire hazard and should be discarded. These can not be fixed by cleaning. Benefits of cleaning my injectors!!!
- Increased gas milage
- Increased horse power
- Improved throttle response
- Improved idling

Our 10 Step process includes the following:

1) Injectors are externally cleaned, visual inspected, and numbered.

2) Test injectors for resistance, shorts, and current draw.

3) We then take your injectors to our Flow Bench & perform and record the results of 3 test that will let us know the operating condition of the injectors.A.) Leak Test
B.) Spray Pattern Test
C.) Flow Rate Test

4) Remove filter baskets, o-rings, and pintle caps.

5) Ultrasonic Bath. The injectors are placed in our ultrasonic cleaning tank with our custom cleaning bio solution. Outside the injector, the pintle area and moving components of the pintle will be bombarded by ultrasonic sound waves removing any carbon build up and contaminants restoring original spray patterns

6) Ultrasonic Back Flush. We now commence to pulse the injector at different frequencys and R.P.M.'s. The combination of force from the bottom of the injector being bombarded with ultra sonic sound waves and the injector being pulsed on and off, forces the bio cleaning fluid the reverse way through the injector. This will dislodge any particles and build up inside the injector.

7) High Pressure Back Flush. We remove the injectors from the Ultrasonic cleaning tank and place them one at a time in our custom high pressure back flush component. The injectors are then back flushed at 43.5psi (3 bar) ensuring that any particles or build-up that were dislodged during the ultrasonic cleaning process are now removed.

8) Back to the flow bench for retesting of spray pattern, flow rate, and leak checking. This test data is also recorded

9) Install new filter baskets, o-rings, and pintle caps. (as required)

10) Prepare a comprehensive test report with before and after test data. The injectors are then packed along with the old parts for return.

Call us up 240-508-1449 we will be happy to talk to you about your injector issues!!!


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